About Sloan Plumb Wood

About Us

Vision and History

Our vision is of a progressive collegiate firm helping our client by delivering personal and focused legal advice. The firm encourages a friendly and well-balanced working environment and our teams are backed up with state of the art information technology and know-how systems.

The firm has very good long-standing relations with other professionals, both in the UK and abroad, which enable the provision of an integrated and co-ordinated service where clients' require the help of other disciplines, such as accountants, counsel, planners, surveyors or agents. This approach means that we bring together the top talents required to form a cohesive team to deliver the client's objectives.


Our partners form the backbone of the firm, between them providing Sloan Plumb Wood with more than a century of experience and providing clients with the very best in pragmatic and balanced commercial legal advice.

Every client can expect their requirements to be overseen by an individual partner, with the appropriate backing of team members – an approach which we have found provides  outstanding advice combined with value for money.  Each specialist team area has a support team to enable a cost effective and practical delivery of our services to our clients across a range of matters. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take the view that corporate social responsibility begins at the very top and this ethical approach should be embedded throughout the organisation. Sloan Plumb Wood believes that all of our legal and business activities should have a positive impact on the local community and the wider world.

To enable this, we support local community projects and administer a robust environmental policy, as well as ensuring that our workplace is a great place for our employees and that the organisation itself is a pleasure to work with. We are committed to observing the highest ethical standards of a modern British law firm.


We have carried out an equality and diversity survey of our members and employees and from the anonymous data that has been provided by them (members and employees are free to decline to complete the survey or to choose “prefer not to say”) we have been able to conclude that they fall into the various protected characteristic types as defined by the Equality Act 2010 (sex, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc.).

Due to the risk of members/employees being identified through their anonymous data and reference to their staff profiles on our website we are unable to publish more specific details without breaching the Data Protection Act 2018.


Sloan Plumb Wood LLP has a reputation for combining expert staff with strong teamwork and a pragmatic, results-driven approach. This is down to the work culture of the firm and the high calibre of our partners and employees, which encourages a close working relationship with our clients.

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