Changes to the Patents County Court

25-10-2011 16:23

On the 1 October 2011, a new law came into force which introduces a £500,000 limit on the value of Intellectual Property (“IP”) claims in the Patents County Court (“the PCC”).  This new law affects all IP claims brought in the PCC with the exception of patents and designs disputes (which have been subject to this cap since 14 June 2011).

The rationale behind this is to allow easier and cheaper access to justice for IP Rights owners who have in the past felt unable to protect their IP Rights.  This is the latest change in the law concerning IP litigation, a number of other amendments have taken place over the last year or so.

We discuss this issue in more detail in our next newsletter together with the other following topics:

  • Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009, which will have consequences for those involved in the construction industry in respect of payment terms and adjudication.
  • Various case law updates including in respect of adjudication and expert determination in arbitration proceedings

For more information on any of these topics please contact Emma Hayward (for Intellectual Property questions) and Philip Vickers (for construction law questions) or take a look at our newsletters.

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