Consultation on Copyright in 2012

03-01-2012 14:50

As regular readers will recall, in November 2010, David Cameron commissioned an independent review of the UK’s Intellectual Property framework and the review panel, led by Professor Ian Hargreaves, published the findings of its review in May 2010.  In August 2011 the Government accepted all 10 recommendations detailed in the review.  On 14 December 2011, the Government announced a consultation setting out how it planned to tackle some of the specific issues concerning copyright.

The consultation is seeking views on the following Government proposals, specifically in respect of the copyright recommendations:

  • Orphan Works – proposals allowing works of unknown authorship (“orphan works”) to be used.
  • Extended Collective Licensing – proposals to simplify the rights clearance system so that the potentially high costs of obtaining a number of clearances from different bodies are reduced.  It will assist copyright holders in being paid.
  • Code of Conduct for Collecting Societies – proposal to introduced standards for the collecting agencies, including a voluntary code of conduct.
  • Exceptions to copyright infringement

                       - Allowing private copying

                       - Widening non-commercial research exception

                       - Widening library archiving exception

                       - Introduction of an exception for parody  

The Government is seeking comments and evidence from individuals and bodies which would be affected by the above changes and the deadline for comment is 21 March 2012.  Please see the Intellectual Property website for further information.  A formal proposal for amended legislation is expect in Spring 2012.

If you require any further information on this area, please contact Emma Hayward.

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