Dispute Resolution Commitment

12-10-2011 09:03

The Government has signed up to a Dispute Resolution Commitment (DRC) prepared by the Attorney General’s Office. The DRC is intended to show business best practice in managing and resolving disputes effectively. It is expected that the DRC will encourage Government departments to demonstrate a clear commitment to having in place a framework to avoid disputes where possible and to effectively manage and resolve disputes quickly and effectively utilising the most suitable dispute resolution mechanism.

The DRC emphasises the use of alternative forms of dispute resolution as a means of resolving disputes rather than resorting to the “winner takes all” approach provided by litigation and can be seen as part of a general drive by Government and the Courts to encourage the use of mediation in particular as a means of resolving disputes.

We will be discussing forms of alternative dispute resolution, and mediation in particular, in future blogs but it appears that Government bodies will be encouraged to lead by example in the use of alternative forms of dispute resolution in the hope that business will follow.

A copy of the DRC can be found at:


and guidance material explaining the purpose and effect of the DRC can be found at:


 For more information on this topic, please contact Philip Vickers.

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