Intellectual Property Office wants views on “superfast” patent process proposal

03-06-2013 15:23

The Intellectual Property Office (the IPO) has announced a consultation for its proposal to introduce a “superfast” patent processing service.  Comments on the proposal from any individual or organisations are requested by 12 June 2013.

Currently in the UK a patent can take up to five years to grant.  The IPO already carries out a system of accelerated processing at various stages of the application system which can reduce the time significantly for the grant of a patent.

The IPO is proposing to introduce a superfast application process for an additional fee (of approximately £3500-£4000 in addition to the standard fee) which would see the grant of the patent, if successful, within approximately 90 days.

The consultation closes on 12 June 2013, so if you want more information about the proposal or to comment, please see the IPO website

For more information on Intellectual Property, please contact Emma Hayward

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