Mediation Service at the Intellectual Property Office

09-05-2013 09:52

The Minister for Intellectual Property has recently announced the start of a mediation service, to be run by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), to help businesses in the cost effective resolution of disputes.

We have previously mentioned the Hargreaves Review on this blog.  This was a review by Dr Hargreaves into IP in the UK.  One of the findings of the review was that many smaller and medium sized businesses struggle to pursue disputes about their Intellectual Property Rights because of the costs of doing so through the Court.  The Mediation Service at the IPO is aimed at SMEs which do not want or cannot afford to pursue matters to litigation but still wish to protect their valuable Intellectual Property Rights.

There is more information about the service on the IPO website or if you have any questions regarding Intellectual Property, please contact one of our IP team.

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