Office of Fair Trading (OFT) launches study into Residential Property Management Services

06-03-2014 10:07

The OFT, as part of the study, will consider whether the residential property management services market is working well for leaseholders and freeholders, including:-

  1. Whether managing agents and freeholders have the same interest as leaseholders in, for example, keeping down costs for maintenance work or building insurance;
  2. Whether leaseholders have sufficient influence on decisions taken by freeholders or others with regard to the appointment of managing agents and the supply of residential property management services;
  3. Whether there are barriers to switching and whether competition between property managers more generally is working well;
  4. Whether managing agents’ or freeholders’ choice of contracted services may be influenced by links with associated companies and the availability of financial commissions;
  5. Whether it works well in practice when leaseholders exercise their right to manage their own property.

For further information, please visit the OFT website (

If you want any further information on this area, please contact Peter Corrigan.

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