“Orphan Works” Consultation: The IPO wants your views

16-01-2014 12:04

The Intellectual Property Office (the IPO) has launched a consultation on legislation concerning what are known in copyright terms as “Orphan Works”.

An “Orphan Work” is a copyright work, for example, a piece of text or a photograph, where the copyright owner(s) cannot be found.  The new legislation has been put in place to deal with the situation where a third party wants to use a photograph in a marketing campaign, for example, but it cannot find the owner(s) of the copyright to ask his/her/their permission to use the work.

More information on the consultation on the secondary legislation is provided in the IPO press release here: www.ipo.gov.uk/pro-policy/consult/consult-live/consult-2014-lost.htm

If you have any questions relating to copyright, or IP in general, please contact Emma Hayward.

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