PRS for Music changes to licence fees for Diamond Jubilee

02-06-2012 10:28

PRS for Music is a collection of songwriters and music publishers which licenses other organisations to play music, which is protected by copyright, on behalf of its members.  Organisations who wish to broadcast music publicly will need a licence to do so.  

Usually, the playing of music at public events will require a licence.  However, provided certain criteria are met, PRS for Music has decided not to charge a licence fee for music played at small local community events to celebrate this week’s Diamond Jubilee.  For example, the event must take place between 2 and 5 June, be non-profit making and have less than 300 people attending.  For the full list of criteria, please see PRS for Music’s website to be found at 

If you are holding a street party for example, you may qualify for the exemption, so have a look at the PRS for Music website.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend and Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

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