Residential Landlords – Protecting your property from fraudsters

03-02-2014 09:58

In order to prevent fraudsters from selling or placing charges on the property that you rent out (it does happen and is on the rise), a simple step can minimise the risk.  You should contact the Land Registry providing them with the following:-

  • Your current home address and/or work address
  • An e-mail address

At the time of providing this to the Land Registry, you should advise them that the property is rented out and that if the Land Registry is contacted by anybody trying to change ownership, sell the property or register a charge, that they should advise you by using these addresses.  This at least means that you will be put on notice and will have time to deal with the problem.

If you have any queries on this or on any other areas of property litigation, please contact Peter Corrigan.

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