SPW Solicitors Presentation on Legal Aspects of Websites

27-09-2011 09:41

Philip Vickers, John-Paul Martin and Emma Hayward from Sloan Plumb Wood recently delivered a presentation on legal aspects of conducting business via the internet at a local forum for businesses in Peterborough.

 The areas we covered were:

  •  Brand and Content Protection – Are your own Intellectual Property rights fully protected? Do you use third party’s intellectual property with the appropriate safeguards?


  • Data Protection – some key issues in this important area if your organisation conducts business on the internet, including new regulations regarding the use of “Cookies”


  • “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay” – how to try to avoid the need to bring legal proceedings against a customer or client who can’t or won’t pay you by the incorporation of your own terms and conditions into the agreement

The hints and tips covered in the presentation were aimed at trying to get the best out of your business website and also making sure that important areas of the law were highlighted.

If you  have any concerns over these areas of the law or you think your organisation may be interested in learning more about these areas, please let us know.

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