Careers Overview

Sloan Plumb Wood LLP has a reputation for combining expert staff with strong teamwork and a pragmatic, results-driven approach. This is down to the work culture of the firm and the high calibre of our partners and employees, which encourages a close working relationship with our clients.

Our solicitors and legal staff lie at the heart of our reputation and our success. They are expected to deliver the highest levels of service and, to this end, we seek only the best people for the job. Our solicitors and partners can draw on a wealth of experience in giving commercial concerns the best in legal advice – and they have the confidence that comes from knowing they can rely on a professional support team and IT network based in a friendly and well-balanced working environment.

Sloan Plumb Wood LLP believes strongly in investing in staff development and observing the highest standards when it comes to staff recruitment. For more information on roles and opportunities.

Legal Roles

Sloan Plumb Wood LLP offers excellent opportunities for qualified solicitors to become part of our respected legal team. We give our legal staff a host of opportunities to achieve their potential and carve out a career in their chosen area of commercial law, with all the support and encouragement that comes from a balanced and friendly working environment.

We are always seeking the most talented solicitors, who can help us maintain the best traditions of our firm, which seeks to embrace the most valuable traditions of commercial law  practice while remaining up to date on the very latest developments.

    For more information on opportunities for legal roles at Sloan Plumb Wood LLP, contact us either by phone on 01733 302410 or via email at


    Join Sloan Plumb Wood LLP as a trainee lawyer and you will receive a thorough grounding in all aspects of commercial law. You will take part in a wide variety of projects and will observe at first hand the issues that arise for clients seeking commercial legal services, as well as the expert solutions that our staff propose and implement.

    Our commitment to development and training means that you will work alongside talented and experienced lawyers and be well placed to fulfil your potential and enter a career that makes the most of your own talents.

    For more information on the opportunities for trainees and junior lawyers at Sloan Plumb Wood LLP, contact us either by phone on 01733 302410 or via email at

    Work Experience

    Sloan Plumb Wood LLP offers interested young people the chance to gain essential knowledge and experience of working in a dynamic commercial law practice with a friendly and supportive working environment.

    Students or school-leavers seeking work experience at Sloan Plumb Wood LLP should apply in the first instance by contacting the firm either by phone on 01733 302410 or via email at

    Business Support

    Sloan Plumb Wood LLP relies not only on its experienced and expert legal staff, but also on our dedicated business support team. We are constantly seeking the brightest and the best to be part of this team.

    For more information on opportunities for business support staff at Sloan Plumb Wood LLP, contact us either by phone on 01733 302410 or via email at