Our People

Between them, Sloan Plumb Wood's partners have an enormous range and depth of a century of experience and expertise in commercial legal advice.

All client matters are led by an individual partner, with appropriate support from other team members to provide outstanding advice and great value for money. Each specialist area can rely on a support team to enable the cost effective and practical delivery of services to our clients across a wide range of matters. 

The firm encourages a friendly and well balanced working environment and our teams have the back-up of state of the art information technology and know-how systems.

The firm has very good long-standing relations with other professionals across the UK and abroad, which enables the provision of an integrated and co-ordinated service whenever a  project requires the help of other disciplines such as accountants, counsel, surveyors or agents. Whatever the circumstances, our professionals will form a cohesive team to deliver the clients' objectives.

Our Partners

Philip Sloan

Philip Sloan Tel: 01733 302411 Mob: 07872 077143 E-mail me Full profile

Nick Plumb

Nick Plumb Tel: 01733 302412 Mob: 07912 121750 E-mail me Full profile

Martin Wood

Martin Wood Tel: 01733 302415 E-mail me Full profile

Julia Stent

Julia Stent Tel: 01733 302423 Mob: 07590 228871 E-mail me Full profile

Our Solicitors

Theo Anderton

Theo Anderton Tel: 01733 302413 Mob: 07880 715786 E-mail me Full profile

Matt Bottomley

Matt Bottomley Tel: 01733 302418 Mob: 07535 940338 E-mail me Full profile

Our Trainees

Usmaan Aslam

Usmaan Aslam Tel: 01733 942724 E-mail me Full profile

Our SQE Paralegals

Usmaan Aslam

Camilla Plumb Tel: 01733 305911 E-mail me Full profile

Our Paralegals

Jemma Bakermault

Jemma Bakermault Tel: 01733 302414 Mob: 07535 940337 E-mail me Full profile