December 2011

New SPW Newsletter

30-12-2011 09:25

If you are bored of the Christmas films and you want something to read while you are waiting for New Year’s Eve to arrive, you could take a look at our most recent newsletter.

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Tweeting from Court? Whatever next?!

27-12-2011 09:23

The legal system took a step forward this month in embracing social media, in a Guidance document issued by the Courts which deals with the use of “live text-based communications” in Court.


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Season’s Greetings!

22-12-2011 09:21

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2012 from us all at Sloan Plumb Wood LLP!

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Waiver of privilege in draft expert’s report

19-12-2011 09:06

In ACD (Landscape Architects) Ltd v Overall & Anor [2011] EWHC 3362 (TCC) (15 December 2011) the defendants (“Overall”) were faced with an application by the Claimant (“ACD”) to strike out Overall’s counterclaim in respect of ACD’s alleged professional negligence.

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I’m a Biography – Get Me Out of There?!

16-12-2011 09:36

In the recent case of Hodgson & Another v Isaac & Another [2010] EWPCC 37, the court was asked to consider whether a screenplay infringed the copyright of a pre-existing biographical work.

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Levi Roots: New Case Law on Breach of Confidence

13-12-2011 10:16

Fans of reality TV will be familiar with the BBC programme The Dragons’ Den, whereby up-and-coming entrepreneurs attempt to convince a panel of wealthy and successful businessmen and women to invest in their products or businesses. 

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Stairway to an Overriding Interest

09-12-2011 09:12

The Claimant in the case of Chaudhary v Yauvuz had built an external stairway in the alleyway which belonged to his neighbour and had in fact removed the internal stairway at his property. A formal deed of easement, which would have granted rights of access over the alleyway, was not entered into and the Claimant took no further action to protect the right to access over the neighbour’s alleyway to the stairway.

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Have you had your 18 year Prescription check?

06-12-2011 12:09

In the recent case of London Tara Hotel Ltd v Kensington Close Hotel Ltd, the Court of appeal has confirmed the use of prescriptive rights to acquire rights of way over neighbouring land.

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To mediate or not to mediate?

01-12-2011 01:00

Commencing Court Proceedings or other formal proceedings against a party who you are in dispute with can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect.  It might seem as if you are about to embark on a process which will cost you in terms of legal fees and your own valuable time.

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