July 2014

New IP Act: Changes to ownership of designs

17-07-2014 12:25

We have previously blogged about the upcoming changes to the IP landscape which will come into force later this year with the new Intellectual Property Act 2014.

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HoL Communications Committee launches Social Media Inquiry

15-07-2014 10:18

The House of Lords Communications committee has announced that it is conducting an inquiry into the legal framework surrounding social media.

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Intellectual Property Law: Did you know…?

11-07-2014 14:32

Did you know that the new Intellectual Property Act 2014 will make it a criminal offence to intentionally copy a UK or European registered design?

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Can Consumers having been awarded financial compensation by the Financial Ombudsmen Service pursue a further claim for loss through the Courts?

07-07-2014 14:52

The Financial Ombudsmen service (FOS) provides a relatively straight
forward and free dispute resolution service to consumers.

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