October 2014

Nominet resolves its 10,000th Domain Name Dispute

31-10-2014 10:04

Nominet, the internet registry which manages .uk domain names, has resolved its 10,000th case.  And the complainant was Aston Merrygold from band JLS.

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Information Commissioner’s Office publishes updated guidance on CCTV

23-10-2014 15:22

The Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO) has published an updated Code of Practice on the use of CCTV taking into account Data Protection principles.

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Intestacy rules changes from 1 October 2014

21-10-2014 12:29

From 1 October 2014, under the Inheritance and Trustees Powers Act 2014 (the Act), the intestacy rules have changed.

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Employment Law Update: Shared Parental Leave

16-10-2014 12:14

The new right to shared parental leave is due to come into force on 1 December 2014. 

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New Intellectual Property law as of 1 October 2014

02-10-2014 11:59

On 1 October 2014 (yesterday) new measures came into force in the UK which change the Intellectual Property law landscape.

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