October 2013

Cameras to be allowed to film in Court of Appeal

31-10-2013 09:25

Today (31 October 2013) is a landmark day for reporting in the Court of Appeal as TV cameras are to be allowed into five Courtrooms of the Court of Appeal for the first time.

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Intellectual Property Law: Did you know…?

28-10-2013 13:55

Did you know that if you want to apply for a patent you shouldn’t talk about the invention to anyone (apart from in limited situations) before you have applied for it because you may ruin your own chances of getting it granted?

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Report on Intellectual Property in SMEs

24-10-2013 09:55

Business Minister Vince Cable addressed the Alliance for Intellectual Property Conference on 17 October 2013 about a new independent report commissioned by the Intellectual Property Office into challenges facing smaller businesses when trying to manage their IPRs.

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Intellectual Property: Did you know…?

21-10-2013 14:32

Did you know that it is possible to register a design for the way your product looks?

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Employment Law: Did you know…?

11-10-2013 15:59

Did you know that there are a number of examples when a business may be able to justify treating employees differently because of their age?  Email our employment partner christina.merrington@spw-law.co.uk for your free briefing note to discover when age discrimination may be lawful.

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Committee of Advertising Practice issues new guidance for landlords and letting agents

11-10-2013 14:46

The Committee of Advertising Practice (the CAP) has issued new guidance for private landlords and letting agents regarding information about fees carried in their advertisements. 

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Court of Appeal disallows Cadbury's purple trade mark application

10-10-2013 08:42

The Court of Appeal last week (4 October 2013) handed down judgment in the case between chocolate manufacturers Nestle and Cadbury which saw Nestle successfully oppose Cadbury's trade mark application for a particular shade of purple (pantone shade 2685c, if you’re interested!).

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Government announces changes to list of restricted company names

07-10-2013 10:37

The Minister for Business announced on 4 October 2013 that, following responses to its consultation, it intends to reduce the number of “sensitive” words that companies currently have to seek approval for prior to incorporating the names at Companies House.

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New IP Attaché Announced for SE Asia

03-10-2013 12:27

The Minister for Intellectual Property has today (3 October 2013) announced the appointment of Christabel Koh as the new IP attaché for SE Asia.

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