March 2012

Patents County Court gives non-binding opinion

29-03-2012 11:37

In a recent case Weight Watchers (UK) Limited and others v Love Bites Limited and others [2012] EWPCC 11, HHJ Birss QC gave a non-binding opinion of the trade mark infringement case brought by Weight Watchers against Love Bites at an early procedural hearing.

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2012 Budget: Will the temporary suspension of the Sunday trading rules extend to the rules protecting the rights of employees?

26-03-2012 12:21

The short answer is that it is not yet known.  The Chancellor announced in the Budget that the Sunday Trading laws would be relaxed for 8 weekends from 22 July 2012 to 9 September 2012 inclusive, recognising that the Olympics and Paralympics represent a unique opportunity for UK businesses. 

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Claims Consultants and Legal Professional Privilege

22-03-2012 09:41

In Walter Lilly and Company Limited v Mackay and Another [2012] EWHC 649(TCC) (15 March 2012) Mr Justice Akenhead was asked to consider an application by the Claimant, Walter Lilly, for an order that the Defendants disclose all correspondence with or documents created by Knowles Limited. The Defendants resisted that application arguing that the documents were protected by legal professional or legal advice privilege.

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New procedure for money claims

19-03-2012 11:16

As from today (19 March 2012) the procedure for filing a county court money claim changes.  From now on, the claim form should be sent to the County Court Money Claims Centre (CCMCC) and not the relevant county court.

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Security For Costs

13-03-2012 10:23

It is possible in some civil claims for a defendant (or possibly a defendant to a counterclaim) to be met with a claim made by a company in circumstances where the defendant has a real concern that if it is successful (either in its defence or in any counterclaim), and the usual rule that the successful party pays the losing party’s costs applies, the claimant will not be able to pay its costs.

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New Technology and Construction Court Guidance on ‘Low Value’ Claims

01-03-2012 09:03

The Technology and Construction Court (TCC) of the High Court of Justice has recently considered the approach that it should take to low value claims commenced in the TCC. 

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