October 2011

Settlement Negotiations & Oral Agreements

31-10-2011 16:33

It is generally the case (with a few exceptions, for example, in the case of most contracts involving interests in land) that parties can reach a binding agreement orally.

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31-10-2011 15:26

The Bribery Act 2010 (“the Act”) largely came into force on 1 July 2011 and creates a consolidated set of bribery offences under UK law.  Crucially for commercial organisations there is a new offence of failing to prevent bribery.

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Side Letters in Commercial Transactions – Certainty as a prerequisite for enforceability: Barbudev v Eurocom Cable Management Bulgaria EOOD and others [2011]

28-10-2011 09:09

Recently heard in the High Court, this case arose following the acquisition of a Bulgarian cable television and internet business, Eurocom Plovdiv (‘EP’). 

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Changes to the Patents County Court

25-10-2011 16:23

On the 1 October 2011, a new law came into force which introduces a £500,000 limit on the value of Intellectual Property (“IP”) claims in the Patents County Court (“the PCC”).  This new law affects all IP claims brought in the PCC with the exception of patents and designs disputes (which have been subject to this cap since 14 June 2011).

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What is a trade mark?

21-10-2011 16:23

Everyone will encounter many trade marks in everyday life, even if you are not directly aware of them.  There will be trade marks in business and ones you may be familiar with through your own business.  Indeed, there will certainly be trade marks in your personal life too for example in the supermarkets, cars and in your home.

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ECJ decision on UK Football broadcasting rights

19-10-2011 11:57

Football fans have been celebrating more than goals since the full time score in the case between a Portsmouth pub Landlady and the English Premier League, which has resulted in a trip to Europe … no not the Champions League – but the European Courts of Justice (ECJ).

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Alternative Forms of Dispute Resolution – Mediation

13-10-2011 12:37

Often the potential costs of and risks associated with litigation can lead parties to consider the use of Alternative forms of Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a means of resolving litigation (or potential litigation). The courts are also keen to encourage the use of ADR as a means of resolving disputes in order to reduce the burden placed on the courts.

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Dispute Resolution Commitment

12-10-2011 09:03

The Government has signed up to a Dispute Resolution Commitment (DRC) prepared by the Attorney General’s Office. The DRC is intended to show business best practice in managing and resolving disputes effectively.

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Telecoms contracts - Automatic Renewal Provisions

06-10-2011 10:09

Ofcom, the independent communications industry regulator, last month published its decision to amend its General Conditions (applicable to all communications networks and service providers) to prohibit automatically renewable contracts in respect of both landline and broadband services for small business (businesses with up to 10 employees) and residential customers.

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Business on the Web: Further Training

03-10-2011 16:33

Emma Hayward, Philip Vickers and John-Paul Martin from Sloan Plumb Wood LLP will be speaking at the Business Focus Peterborough Event on 12 October 2011 at the East of England Showground in Peterborough.

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