February 2012

Service at “last known address”

27-02-2012 16:02

Following our most recent blog in which we discussed the Court allowing service of a claim via Facebook, another case concerning service has caught our attention.

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Service of documents via Facebook

24-02-2012 10:53

This week the High Court gave permission for a Claimant in a commercial dispute to serve proceedings on an individual Defendant via Facebook.  A County Court has previously allowed service of Court papers in this way but this is the first time such a senior Court has allowed it. 

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What is a patent?

22-02-2012 12:29

In the next in our series of providing a short overview on the different kinds of IP rights, we are reviewing patents. 

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The New Standard Conditions of Sale 5th Edition:

16-02-2012 14:48

Standard Conditions of sale are incorporated into residential property contracts and the new standard conditions of sale were launched on 1 April 2011.

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When does an employer have to pay full notice pay to an employee on long term sick leave?

13-02-2012 15:23

The answer is contained within the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA) and depends upon the employee’s entitlement to notice within the contract of employment and whether it is more or less than the employee’s statutory minimum notice entitlement.  

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Advertising Standards Authority upholds review website complaint

09-02-2012 16:09

The Advertising Standards Authority (“the ASA”), on 1 February, 2012 upheld a complaint made by two hotels against the review website TripAdvisor.

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Copyright in Photographs: new case law

07-02-2012 11:22

In a recent judgment, decided on paper, the Patents County Court had to decide whether photographs used on a charity website infringed the Claimant photographer’s copyright, and if so, how much to award him in compensation (David Hoffman v Drug Abuse Resistance Education (UK) Limited [2012] EWPCC 2).

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Working Time Regulations: Refusal to offer overtime to an employee was reasonable

02-02-2012 09:22

Employers who have employees that regularly work overtime can take comfort from the recent EAT decision in the case of Arriva London South Ltd v Nicolaou

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