January 2012

Failure to mediate taken into account to prevent usual Part 36 order

31-01-2012 09:14

In PGF II SA v OMFS Company & Anor [2012] EWHC 83 (TCC) (27 January 2012) the Defendant made a Part 36 offer of settlement on 11 April 2011. This was accepted by the Claimant on 10 January 2012, the day before the trial of the claim was due to start.

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Information regarding Court hearings made public

26-01-2012 15:41

From 24 January 2012, it is now possible to see data about the different Courts in England and Wales via a new online tool published by the Ministry of Justice.

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New Generic Top-level Domain Names

24-01-2012 12:44

As of 12 January 2012, and for a period until 12 April 2012, it is open to organisations worldwide to register a gTLD (generic top level domain) which may include a word or combination of letters and numbers e.g. .bank.

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The increase in the qualifying period for unfair dismissal will only affect new joiners

19-01-2012 12:19

In October 2011 the government announced that the qualifying period for an employee to bring a claim of unfair dismissal would be raised from one year to two years continuous service.  The government made no statement at the time as to how it would deal with existing employees.

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AMP v Persons Unknown – New Privacy Law?

16-01-2012 14:31

In the case of AMP v Persons Unknown heard in December 2011, the Judge granted an injunction against “Persons Unknown” to prevent the transmission of sensitive, personal photos belonging to the Claimant.

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What is Copyright?

12-01-2012 11:44

You will invariably come across copyright in your professional and business life but also in your personal life.  For example, downloading music files or uploading photos onto social media sites.  We thought we would explain a bit about copyright in this blog.

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Squatters in residential buildings to be criminalised

09-01-2012 10:27

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has recently published a response to a consultation on squatters in residential buildings. The purpose of the consultation was to gather information on the extent of squatting in the country and consider how to improve the mechanisms to deal with squatting.

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Claimant argues that its own purported “Part 36 offer” was invalid

06-01-2012 09:08

In Thewlis v Groupama Insurance Company Ltd [2012] EWHC 3 (TCC) (05 January 2012) the court was asked to consider whether an offer made by the claimant purporting to be a Part 36 offer was a valid part 36 offer and if so whether it was capable of acceptance by the defendant even after it was expressly rejected.

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Consultation on Copyright in 2012

03-01-2012 14:50

As regular readers will recall, in November 2010, David Cameron commissioned an independent review of the UK’s Intellectual Property framework and the review panel, led by Professor Ian Hargreaves, published the findings of its review in May 2010.  In August 2011 the Government accepted all 10 recommendations detailed in the review.  On 14 December 2011, the Government announced a consultation setting out how it planned to tackle some of the specific issues concerning copyright.

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