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Tenant’s Charter

24-02-2014 10:43

The Government has published a draft tenant’s charter in respect of residential tenancies. 

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Employment Law: Rates and Limits of Statutory Payments

20-02-2014 09:19

Don’t forget the current rates and limits of certain statutory payments and employment tribunal awards which usually increase on 1 February every year will not increase until 6 April 2014 and annually thereafter.

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ICO issues fine after “very serious” data breach

17-02-2014 11:38

The Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO) has issued a £185,000 fine to a Government department in Northern Ireland after it sold a filing cabinet containing personal information about victims of a terrorist attack at auction.

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Intellectual Property: Did You Know…?

13-02-2014 09:41

Did you know that, along with possible copyright protection, a database may attract a separate intellectual property right known as database right?

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Launch Date for .uk domain names announced

10-02-2014 15:09

Nominet has announced that the registration for the new .uk domain names will be live on 10 June 2014.

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SPW to take part in SKDC Enterprise Week

06-02-2014 09:55

Sloan Plumb Wood LLP are pleased to be involved with South Kesteven Enterprise Week taking place 17 – 21 March 2014 in various locations in the South Kesteven area.

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Residential Landlords – Protecting your property from fraudsters

03-02-2014 09:58

In order to prevent fraudsters from selling or placing charges on the
property that you rent out (it does happen and is on the rise), a simple step
can minimise the risk.

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Data Protection guidance for the media

30-01-2014 11:00

The Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO) has announced a consultation on draft new guidance on Data Protection issues for the press. 

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UNODC launches worldwide campaign about counterfeit products

27-01-2014 11:50

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has launched a campaign to warn consumers about the potential effects of buying counterfeit products.

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Commercial Litigation: Did you know…?

23-01-2014 14:10

Did you know that the Court requires parties to a dispute to try and resolve it as cost effectively and quickly as possibly before issuing proceedings or some time before trial? 

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