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Take No Notice?!

26-06-2014 08:51

Have you ever been frustrated because your employee has left you in the lurch by leaving without working some or any of their notice? 

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You’re mine all mine!

25-06-2014 16:30

The Government today announced it will ban the use
of ‘exclusivity’ clauses (which prevent an individual from working for another
employer even where there are no guaranteed hours) on zero-hour

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Government announces new cyber security scheme

16-06-2014 16:43

The Government has announced a new certification scheme to help businesses to protect against cyber threats.

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New .uk names in force

13-06-2014 15:03

As of 10 June 2014, it is now possible to register the shorter .uk domain names.

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Holiday ‘Pay’ from Hell

29-05-2014 17:01

The recent European Court of Justice decision in the case of Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd said that statutory holiday pay should include a sum in respect of commission. 

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Pensions Auto-Enrolment Information

29-05-2014 12:12

Looking for a simple guide on pensions auto-enrolment?

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Intellectual Property Act receives the Royal Assent

22-05-2014 09:28

On 14 May 2014, the Intellectual Property Bill received the Royal Assent meaning that it has now been passed into UK law.

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Recovering a Commercial Debt

15-05-2014 14:31

Has your business ever been at a loss as to what the options are if it is owed money by a customer? 

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New Copyright Law Exceptions delayed

15-05-2014 09:09

Two of the exceptions to copyright law that were expected to take effect on 1 June 2014 are to be delayed.

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Information Commissioner’s Office publishes report on data security threats

12-05-2014 11:12

A new report, published today by The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), explains the most common IT problems which have lead to organisations breaching the Data Protection Act 1998.

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